[MGSA-L] add email address

Leda Papastefanaki lpapast at cc.uoi.gr
Mon Mar 24 08:03:52 PDT 2014

Dear all,

Due to serious technical problems that the Network Operations Center of the
University of Ioannina is facing (because of the economic crisis…),
please add my personal email address papastefanaki at ath.forthnet.gr to your list
of email addresses (besides my formal one lpapast at cc.uoi.gr).

Moreover, could you please inform me about any emails that you have sent to me
during the last two weeks if I have not already answered to you?

Thank you for your understanding,

Leda Papastefanaki

Dr. Leda Papastefanaki
Assistant Professor in Modern Greek History
Department of History-Archaeology
University of Ioannina
Campus University
45110 Ioannina, Greece
Tel: +30 26510 05137
Fax: +30 26510 05273
e mail: lpapast at cc.uoi.gr

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