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The Balkans in Contemporary Travel Writing
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Montenegro
Nikšić, June 19-21, 2014
In her seminal study Imagining the Balkans Maria Todorova observed that travellers and travel writers have always been the first to make communicative links between various political, cultural, and geographic units and parts of the world, and therefore, they have also been the first interpreters of the travelled world. As much as travel writing tells about that world, the heritage of travel writers mirrors the conceptual world that initiated their travels, providing fertile ground to investigate the question of why the “other” appears exactly as it does through the traveller’s perspective. As we have witnessed abrupt changes in the region in the last three decades, our conference will be devoted to the analysis of travel writing created during this period, but papers considering earlier examples will be welcome. We invite scholars to join us and contribute with their innovative papers to our efforts, so that together we may explore this challenging theme.
     We are pleased to announce that our key-note lecturer will be Professor Tim Youngs, Director of Nottingham Trent University's Centre for Travel Writing Studies.
     The conference fee of 100 euros, covering the book of abstracts, the book of proceedings, conference dinner, half a day excursion to the coast, and conference material will be payable at registration.
The deadline for applications is April 15, 2014.
Your proposals, containing an abstract no longer than 300 words, with up to 8 key words, and a short CV, should be sent to Marija Krivokapić Knežević (marija13a at gmail.com).
For the Academic Committee,
Dr. Aleksandra Banjević, University of Montenegro
Dr. Bojka Đukanović, University of Montenegro
Dr. Miloš D. Đurić, University of Belgrade
Dr. Marija Krivokapić Knežević, University of Montenegro
Dr. Amela Lukač Zoranić, International University of Novi Pazar
Dr. Aleksandra Nikčević-Batrićević, University of Montenegro
Dr. Armela Panajoti, University of Vlora
Dr. Petar Penda, University of Banja Luka
Dr. Aleksandra Saržoska, University of Skopje
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