[MGSA-L] new book publication, translation of Theotokas's Astheneis kai Odoiporoi.

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Dear Colleagues:

I am always pleased to read announcements about new publications. In connection with the latter, I am pleased to inform you of a new publication that appeared last week and which might be of interest to MGSA members.

I am referring to the translation of a novel, set in Greece during the Second World War, by George Theotokas, Invalids and Wayfarers (original title in Greek Astheneis kai Odoiporoi).  The translator is Donald Martin from Rockford College, who earlier also translated Leonis by Theotokas.  The English edition appeasred on December 15, 2014, by Nostos Books in collaboration with the Modern Greek Studies program at the University of Minnesota. The Library of Congress Number is 2014938966, and the ISBN number is 978 0932963154.  This is volume 27 in the Nostos series on modern Greek history and culture published at Minnesota.  For more information on the Nostos series, you may write to Nostos Books,  Box 49086, Minneapolis, MN, 55419 or via email c/o stavr001 at umn.edu<mailto:stavr001 at umn.edu>

All the best, and happy New Year to you.

Theofanis G. Stavrou
Professor of History
University of Minnesota

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