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Greece Votes to Preserve Its Audiovisual Heritage

by Ioanna Zikakou - Dec 25, 2014

The Greek Parliament has voted on a new legislation that institutionalized
the legal obligation to deposit films and the establishment of a National
Film Heritage Preservation Organization that will be managed by the Greek
Film Archive.

Since 1982, the Council of Europe Convention on audiovisual heritage
provided for the mandatory deposit of a copy of any type of audiovisual
material for EU member-states. This obligation includes the deposit of a
copy in a formally specified file and the deposited material’s necessary
preservation and protection.

However, after the abolition of the Greek National Audiovisual Archive,
there was no organization responsible for the preservation of film, thus
irreparably exposing Greece on a European and international level.

The new legislation aims to fill the existing gap, entrusting this service
to the Greek Film Archive, fully in line with what is provided by the
European Union and the Council of Europe in regards to each country’s
audiovisual heritage.

To cover the collection, cataloging, archiving, preservation, conservation,
restoration, recovery, digitization and availability costs, the
organization will receive an annual grant from the Greek Ministry of
Culture and Sports.

The Greek Film Archive currently hosts a total of 10,000 Greek and foreign
films and it is a permanent member of the International Federation of Film
Archives, a founding member of the Association of European Film Archives
and Cinematheques and the only film heritage protection foundation in
Greece .

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June Samaras
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Tel : 905-542-1877
E-mail : june.samaras at gmail.com
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