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Please spread the word of this new prize to colleagues and students translating journal articles from East European languages.
To more "collegial translations,"

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> The journal East European Politics & Societies and Cultures (EEPS) awarded the first Michael Henry Heim Translation Prize to Jennifer Croft for her translation of Roma Sendyka‘s “Miejsca, które straszą (afekty i nie-miejsca pamięci)” (”Sites That Haunt: Affects and Non-Sites of Memory”). Ellen Elias-Bursac accepted the prize on behalf of Jennifer Croft from Wendy Bracewell and Krzysztof Jasiewicz, editors of EEPS, at a presentation on November 20, 2014 during the annual convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES).
> The prize is awarded annually for the best collegial translation of a journal article from an East European language into English.  It honors Michael Henry Heim's legacy in scholarship and translation. In Guidelines for the Translation of Social Science Texts, Heim encouraged scholars to translate their colleagues’ work to make it more widely available.
> "Michael’s idea of collegial translation was disarmingly simple” explained Andrzej W. Tymowski, EEPS editorial board member and co-author of Guidelines.  “He was convinced that the best translators of scholarly articles are colleagues in the field who have gained some training in translation. Though professional translators might have greater facility with language, they are not as familiar with the relevant field of study—most especially with the discipline’s concepts, contexts, and controversies. The idea of the prize, then, is to encourage colleagues to translate, and to aim for translations of the highest quality.”
> Awardees are selected based on the significance of the original work, the quality of translation, and the contribution the translation is likely to make to dialogue across scholarly communities. The Prize Committee is composed of the journal’s editors and invited referees (experts in the subject matter, in the art of translation, or both). Awardees receive a prize of $500 and a copy of the 2014 book The Man Between: Michael Henry Heim & A Life In Translation. The winning article is published in EEPS. 
> The competition for the 2015 Michael Henry Heim Prize in Collegial Translation is now open. The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2015. More information is available here.
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