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*Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders*

Hellenic American University, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA in cooperation
with Hellenic American College, Athens, Greece

announces the

1st International Conference on
*Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders*

September 23rd -25th, 2016

Athens, Greece

CALL for papers: to be announced

The Conference seeks to examine issues in the ongoing construction of
European identity, including notions of diversity and (physical and
symbolic) borders. It will focus on critical investigations that draw on
discourse theory or bottom-up textual analysis to investigate these topics
from the following perspectives:

   - historical, to explore the determinants which have been used to
   support a collective European identity;
   - geopolitical, to understand the importance of space and its role in
   the European edifice;
   - ideological/discursive, to investigate, synchronically and
   diachronically, key concepts that have informed EU practices of inclusion
   and exclusion.

Methodologically, the Conference will highlight discourse as a major
practice that both shapes and reflects European identity.

The Conference will welcome contributions that investigate the role that
key European Union texts have played in forging, maintaining or challenging
European identities. The Conference will thus highlight identity not as a
static concept, but as a construct that is continually negotiated and
re-written in multiple discourses.

In addition to attracting contributions from discourse analysts and
linguists, the Conference hopes to bring together leading scholars and
researchers from a broad range of other fields, including history, European
studies, cultural theory, media studies, sociology, political science, and

The following plenary speakers have been confirmed to date:

   - Jan Blommaert
   - Ruth Wodak
   - Andreas Musolff
   - Michal Krzyzanowski

For more information and updates on call for papers please visit the
Conference website at *http://www.europeindiscourse.eu/*

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