[MGSA-L] Great Impact of Greek Scientific Research Papers

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Great Impact of Greek Scientific Research Papers

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 03:08 AM PST

A new interactive report by the National Documentation Centre
<http://www.ekt.gr/en/index.html> titled "Greek Scientific Papers
(1998-2012): Bibliometrics analysis <http://www.ekt.gr/en/index.html> of
Greek papers in international scientific magazines – Web of Science
<http://thomsonreuters.com/thomson-reuters-web-of-science/>, isavailable
on-line <https://www.blogger.com/goog_620943964>.

The study analyses the scientific writing activity of Greek institutions in
international magazines for the period 1998-2012 and provides interesting
insights about Greece’s global ranking.

   - *The Report Findings*

Greek scientific papers increased in 2012, following a slight fall in 2011,
with 11,138 scientific papers in international magazines. Moreover, Greece
ranks on the top positions across the EU, when it comes to the number of
papers compared to national expenditure on R&D.

scientific research papers also score well in terms of impact, originality,
quality, recognition. It is noted that mentions to Greek research papers
show the greatest growth rates across the EU and OECD countries. Μost of
the Greek research papers are produced by universities, research centers
and public hospitals, whereas Greek researcher co-operate mostly with
institutions in the USA, the UK, Germany, France and Italy.

Scientific papers on natural sciences and engineering & technology appear
to have the greatest impact, recording an impact index way above the world
average (1.09 and 1.06 respectively).

See also Greek News Agenda: Researchers’ Delight: More than 29,000 PhD
Theses Online

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