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>From the desk of the Transnational Studies Committee:

Opportunity to review Tasos Leivaditis' The Blind Man with the Lamp (translated & introduced by N.N. Trakakis) for Transnational Literature.

>From Patrick Allington_Call for Reviews

Transnational Literature has the following books available for review. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these titles.
If you already have a book or books for review, please do not register interst in any new books unless your oustanding review/s are imminent. If you have an outstanding review , could I ask you to give me an update on your progress.

Please also note:
* I will usually only send one book to each reviewer (unless they are related books which could be dealt with in one review), but it is a good idea to nominate more than one title as some books are very sought-after.
* It is helpful if you can briefly explain your interest in a title and any particular expertise you might bring to the review, and if you haven't written for us before a brief summary of your background and current affiliations is useful.
* Please do not offer to review a book if you have a close professional or personal relationship with the author. If in doubt, please check with me.
* Please include your mailing address in your email.
*  The reviews deadline for the May 2014 issue is around the end of March 2014, but early submissions are always welcome. The suggested length for a reviews is 800-1200 words.
* Once you have written the review, the book is yours to keep. As an academic journal, we are unable to offer any other form of payment.

Mukulesh Debnath. A Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore. And Endless Journey. A collection of translated/trascreated selected Rabindrasangeets in English
Rob Harle & Jaydeep Sarangi. Views Across the Ocean: poems from Australia & India. Cyberwit.net
Luke Fischer. Paths of Flight. Black Pepper
Michelle Leber. The Yellow Emperor. 5 Islands Press.
Tasos Leivaditis. The Blind Man with the Lamp. Translated & Introduced by N.N. Trakakis
Nathanael O’Reilly. Distance. Picaro Press
Kevin Roberts. Lions. Pilot Hill Press
Stephen Edgar. Exhibits of the Sun. Black Pepper
Ben Brown. Between the Kindling and the Blaze. Anahera
Richard James Allen. Fixing the Broken Nightingale.

Nirmala Menon & Marika Preziuso (eds). Migrant Identities of ‘Creole Cosmopolitans: transcultural narratives of contemporary postcoloniality. Peter Lang.
Branka Arsić (ed.). American Impersonal: Essays with Sharon Cameron. Bloomsbury.
Valérie Baisnée. ‘Through the long corridor of distance’: Space and Self in Contemporary New Zealand Women’s Autobiographies.
Hannah Ellis (ed). Dylan Thomas: a Centenary Celebration. Bloomsbury.
Elina Valovirta  (ed.) Sexual Feelings: Reading Anglophone Caribbean Women’s Writing Through Affect. Rodopi, Cross/Cultures 174.
Julie Armstrong. Experimental Fiction: an introduction for readers and writers. Bloomsbury.
Samuel Schuman. Nabakov’s Shakespeare. Bloomsbury.
Stephen Matterson. Melville: fashioning in modernity. Bloomsbury
Om Prakash Dwivedi. Tracing the New Indian Diaspora. Rodopi: Cross/Cultures 176.
Isidore Diala (ed.) Syncretic Arenas: essays on postcolonial African Drama and Theatre for Esiaba Irobi. Rodopi: Cross/Cultures 177.
Derek Walcott: The Journeyman Years volumes 1 and 2 (occasional prose: culture, society, literature and art (vol. 1) and performing arts (vol. 2). Rodopi: Cross/Cultures 172.
Harry Freedman. The Talmud: a biography. Bloomsbury.
Linda Wagner-Martin. Barbara Kingslover’s World: nature, art, and the twenty-first century. Bloomsbury.
Marshall Boswell (ed.). David Foster Wallace and ‘the long thing’: new essays on the novels. Bloomsbury.
Robert K. Bolger & Scott Korb (eds). Gesturing Toward Reality: David Foster Wallace and Philosophy. Bloomsbury.
[NOTE: the above two books should be paired as a double review or a review essay.]
John Burbidge. Dear Me! The Life and Work of Gerald Glaskin. Foreword by Robert Dessaix. Monash University Publishing
Julian Murphet, Ronan McDonald and Sascha Morrell (eds). Flann O’Brien & Modernism.
Maebh Long. Assembling Flann O’Brien. Bloomsbury..
[NOTE: the above two books should be paired as a double review or a review essay.]
Franco Moretti. The Bourgeois. Between History & Literature. Verso.
Mark Asquith. The Lost Frontier: Reading Annie Proulx’s Wyoming Stories. Bloomsbury.

Sheng Keyi. Death Fugue. Giramondo.
Michelle de Kretser. Springtime: a ghost story. A&U.
Richard Rossiter. Thicker Than Water. UWAP
Dominique Wilson. The Yellow Papers. Transit Lounge.
Jena Woodhouse. Dreams of Flight. Ginninderra Press
Rob Harle, Sunil Sharma & Sangeeta Sharma (eds). Indo-Australian Anthology of Short Fiction. Authorspress.
Marie Munkara. A Most Peculiar Act. Magabala Books.
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