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Economic Crisis in Europe & Greece

Posted: 15 Dec 2014 03:17 AM PST

   - *The financial aspect*

An international conference on the global financial and economic crisis
with particular focus on Greece and Cyprus is being currently held in
Athens, with the participation of Greek and international academia
(December 14-16). The conference is organised by the Centre of Planning and
Economic Research  <http://www.kepe.gr/index.php/en/>together with
Finance Society <http://www.mfsociety.org/page.php?pageID=32>, the Economic
Chamber and the University of the Aegean

Yesterday’s (10.14) keynote speakers included Greece’s Finance MinisterGikas
Hardouvelis <http://www.hardouvelis.gr/GET.asp?lng=EN&id=SPEE&> and the
governor of Bank of Greece Yannis Stournaras
Moreover, a series of debates will be held on the Eurozone crisis, as well
as on the cases of Greece and Cyprus.

Further reading: Greek News Agenda - Greece, from Exit to Recovery

   - *The social impact*

The Crisis Observatory <http://crisisobs.gr/en/the-observatory/> of the
Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) think tank is
holding its 2nd Annual Conference <http://crisisobs.gr/en/2014/11/16667/> to
discuss the social consequences of the economic crisis in Europe and
Greece. The conference will focus on politics and policies for solidarity
and growth. Speakers will attempt to identify whether the social
inequalities are the result of the European project’s weaknesses, or
whether they are related to the structural characteristics of modern-day,
globalised capitalism.

Regardless of the reasons, the conference will seek alternative approaches
to strengthen social solidarity. A roundtable discussion on the prospects
for sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe will follow. The event will
be held on December 16, at the French Institute of Greece

Further Reading:The Greek Crisis & In Depth: Reading on Greek Crisis
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