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A new article of potential interest to MGSA list members:

Neo-Nazism in an Established Democracy: The Persistence of Golden Dawn in Greece
By Antonis A. Ellinas
South European Society and Politics 

The literature predicts that extremist right-wing parties like the Greek Golden Dawn are doomed to the margins of electoral competition, scaring away voters with their authoritarian views and violent tactics. Defying scholarly expectations and despite the criminal prosecution of its leadership, the party increased its electoral strength in the May 2014 Euroelections. The article contrasts the neo-Nazi GD with West European radical right parties and examines the factors that facilitated the persistence of such an extreme political formation in an established European democracy. It shows how GD managed to capitalize on the de-legitimation of Greek political institutions and, through its organisational activity, present itself as a socially legitimate anti-system alternative.
Keywords: Greece, Golden Dawn, neo-Nazi parties, radical right parties, anti-system parties, Michaloliakos 
Following the article 'The Rise of Golden Dawn: The New Face of the
    Far Right in Greece' by Antonis A Ellinas 
available here: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13608746.2013.782838#.VI1sN3spps8
this new article examines the next phase in the story of this party

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