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>From an exhibition in Australia - use the link tosee the pictures


The Cyprus we left behind
Artist Con Emmanuelle presents an exhibition about Cyprus before 1950,
inspired by the stories of his compatriots in Australia.

9 Dec 2014

"Old photos, possibly taken over 80 years ago, hide in their 'scars' the
story of Cyprus. Our story. These photos we can literally touch."

This is the message artist Con Emmanuelle wants to put across, with his
uniquely vibrant and emotionally charged exhibition, entitled 'Tales of

The vintage photographs, video testimonies, posters and paintings exhibited
show a Cyprus before 1950. That very Cyprus is what Con's family and
friends left behind to migrate to Australia.
This is Michaelis Georgios Pavlides, who was born in 1887 in the village of
Kornos, Larnaca.
A man ahead of his time he dreamed of life outside of the village and at
the tender age of 13 he sold a goat and bought himself passage to Cairo in
Egypt. He trained as a barber and left Cairo for Argentina to join his
older brother. The two brothers then travelled to Pennsylvania, USA and
remained there for several years

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