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Street Art in Athens that Is Both Provocative and Beautiful

An article illustrated with some great examples of street art in Athens

Graffiti is nothing new in Greece, but in Athenian neighborhoods that
belong to the lower and middle class, high emotions have inspired beautiful
scenery. The artwork on these walls focuses on political strife, mistrust,
and the hardships endured by the working class, boasting both large,
bright, poignant murals and simple turns of phrase. Images of modern
politicians, relics of the past, and melancholic children are common, as
are quotes that evoke the desire to rely on each other and repress the
government. These works are scribbled by top-tier street artists and
out-of-work professionals who are sick of watching their families suffer.
Because it’s become so prevalent, graffiti is not just acceptable in
Athens, it may very well be leading the way to economic change by providing
artistic beacons of hope — and tourism destinations.

Use the link to see the pictures

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