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SIEF2015 12th Congress
Zagreb, Croatia
21-25 June 2015

Olive futures: ethnographies of a delicious kind

Bilge Firat (Istanbul Technical University)
James Verinis (Salve Regina University)
Long Abstract

>From the perspectives of agricultural economic regimes as well as human
diet, cultural fantasies, and political struggles, olive fruit and its
derivatives in liquid and solid forms have always constituted a significant
ecological niche. With the opening up of alternative markets such as in the
USA, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Russia and China in recent years, olive
fruit and its oil experienced an upsurge in trade in recent years and are
once again at the epicenter of world cultural economy, affecting the lives
of olive and olive oil producing, consuming, and trading countries,
regions, and their peoples alike. Behind abstracted figures and statistics
on the production, exchange and consumption of olive fruit and its cosmetic
as well as culinary products, however, lie a whole other world of sweat and
blood of people whose lives have been touched vis-à-vis the domestication
of the olive tree throughout recent millennia. This panel seeks to bring
together scholars and students of the cultivation, exchange and consumption
of olive tree products from around the world, especially from the countries
bordering the Mediterranean Sea. We invite scholars and students of olive
cultures to share their ethnographic knowledge of the cross-border
production and circulations of olive cultures and commodities, probing the
limits of regional cooperation and conflict in olive regions. Ethnographic
contributions that are inspired by different theoretical and conceptual
approaches such as the world-system theory, political ecology, political
economy, and cultural history and heritage studies and that experiment with
a variety of data collecting techniques ranging from participant
observation to policy analysis are particularly welcome.

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