[MGSA-L] notice of my new book about an American's experience of resistance to the Colonels

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Fri Dec 5 11:46:39 PST 2014

Dear members of the list,

My book, /Odyssey: Love and Terror in Greece, 1969/, has been published 
and I would appreciate any reviews or referrals from list members.The 
book is about my time in Athens as a young U.S. Air Force lieutenant who 
got involved in the resistance against the Colonels in 1969, through the 
Democratic Defense group. I had arrived in Athens after serving in 
Mississippi in 1967-68, when networks of activists, black and white, 
civilian and military, were working to undermine Mississippi’s 
police-state oppression. Meeting dissenters to the Colonels in Athens, 
both Greek and American, further radicalized my political awareness.

You can read the first chapter of the book on my website, 
<http://www.stevefoxtaos.com/writings/newwbook>, and buy the book there 
on a link to the publisher.You can read a number of five-star reviews at 
the book’s page on Amazon.com/books. Several videos of 6-minute excerpts 
of me reading from key scenes in the book are posted on my YouTube channel.

I have presented the book at Greek Festivals in Marin County, California 
and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Between the two festivals, some 70 people 
bought the book.At the Marin festival in Novato, Mr. Steve Sarabellis, 
now 100 years old and living in the area, told me that he worked for 
Col. Gus Francis (nee Frantzenkakis) when both were in the U.S. Army in 
Athens in 1967. “Gus Francis set up the coup for the Colonels while he 
was NATO liaison in Athens,” Mr. Sarabellis told me. In Santa Fe, Alex 
Pattakos, grand nephew of General Pattakos of the Colonels’ junta, told 
me of his still-living grand uncle and his own work in the Victor Frankl 

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