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Hellenic Studies Program
Yale University
Course Offerings
Fall 2014

Elementary Modern Greek I, Maria Kaliambou
MGRK 110:: M T W Th F 9.25-10.15
An introduction to modern Greek with emphasis on reading, writing, speaking and oral comprehension. The course will cover all major noun and adjective groups and their declension; the basic verb conjugations, all tenses, active and passive voice as well as the basic uses of the subjunctive mood; basic daily vocabulary; the basic syntactical structure of Greek.

Intermediate Modern Greek I, Maria Kaliambou
MGRK 130: M T W Th F 10.30-11.20
The intermediate Modern Greek course is for students who have successfully completed two semesters of Yale College Modern Greek. Students will improve their proficiency in all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). Through a variety of authentic readings and audio-visual material students will be more familiarized with contemporary Greek culture.

Religion and Literature: Irreverent Texts , George Syrimis
MGRK 002/HUMS 051/RLST 016/LITR 080/WGSS 007:
W F 2:30-3:45
The course focuses on the complex relationship between religion and modern literature from the nineteenth century to the present. Based mostly on the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian traditions as these two clash in the literary texts, the course focuses on questions of modernity and tradition, the legitimacy of ritual, the relationship between church and state, the reception of antiquity, as well as the emergence of the modern discourses of gender and sexuality in light of religious practice and dogma.

Modern Literature and the Eastern Mediterranean, George Syrimis and Lanny Hammer
MGRK 214/ LITR 207/WGSS 215/HUMS 428/ENGL 243
Th 2:30-4:20
The course examines the formative influences of Sappho and C. P. Cavafy primarily on the Anglo-American tradition of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries by focusing on questions of nationalism and imperialism, sexuality and aesthetics, the Sapphic tradition, biography and art, the reception of Antiquity, as well as the topography of modernity. The course investigates the authors' fascination with the eastern Mediterranean in the early to mid-twentieth century as alternative loci for modern Greek, English, and American identities. Authors covered: E. M. Forster, Durrell, Merrill, Seferis, Myrivilis, Tsarouchis, Pamuk, H. D., Woolf, and others.
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