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Callas’ Personal Items Destroyed by Termites and Rats

 Nikoleta Kalmouki - Aug 11, 2014

The doors of the Theater Museum in Athens — which hosts personal items of
Maria Callas and memorabilia of her shows — are closed while the abandoned
building is about to collapse.

The museum hosts exhibit areas designed as dressing rooms that include
personal items and memorabilia of theatrical perormances of leading Greek
actors such as Melina Mercouri, Dimitris Horn and Aliki Vougiouklaki.

Cockroaches, rodents, termites, moisture and inappropriate ventilation
threaten the exhibits. The situation in the Greek opera diva’s dressing
room is tragic. A large termite nest is hanging while flies and gnats are
all over the room.

The Theater Museum, housed in the basement of the old mortuary of Athens,
is literally collapsing. The computers do not work, the phone lines are cut
and the databases are not active.

The exhibits of the museum are in serious danger as no conservation or
renovation work has been done in decades.

The museum is unique in its kind not only in Greece but also in the Balkan
region. It was founded in 1938 by the Society of Greek Playwrights. After
the dictatorship it was housed in the Cultural Center of the Municipality
of Athens.

The exhibits include memorabilia of theatrical life, stage costumes and
props, photographs, models of stage settings and personal belongings of
leading figures of the Greek theater. The library includes about 25,000
volumes on theater, from Greek and foreign bibliography. The theatrical
archives include 18th century manuscripts, programs and posters of theater
companies from the 19th century on.


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