[MGSA-L] Recollections of the Greek Military Coup by sociologist Gerasimos Notaras – audio archive (BBC)

Anagnostou, Georgios anagnostou.1 at osu.edu
Tue Apr 22 09:33:26 PDT 2014

The Greek Military Coup

15 minutes

First broadcast:
Tuesday 22 April 2014

In April 1967, seven years of military dictatorship began in Greece. During the rule of the colonels, thousands of people were arrested and tortured. Sociologist Gerasimos Nortaras was part of the armed resistance to the military. He was captured, but refused to give away his fellow fighters, even under brutal torture.


Georgios (Yiorgos) Anagnostou
Associate Professor
Modern Greek Program
Ohio State University

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