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Yale University
The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

An international conference in commemoration of the centennial of the birth of Franz Rosenthal

Present State and Future Prospects of an Emerging Field

April 25-27, 2014/211 Hall of Graduate Studies

Friday, April 25
Morning. Introduction.
9:30-10:15. Dimitri Gutas (Yale University) -Salutation and Introduction. Graeco-Arabic Studies: From Amable Jourdain through Franz Rosenthal to the Future

10:15-11:30. Adam McCollum (Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Saint John's University)–A Conspectus of Secular and Non-Secular Graeco-Syriaca: Syriac Translators among Those of other Languages in the Christian East
11:45-13:00. Hidemi Takahashi (The University of Tokyo) -Syriac as the Intermediary in Graeco-Arabica: On Some Historical and Philological Aspects

Afternoon. Secular Graeco-Arabica
15:00-16:15. Hans Hinrich Biesterfeldt (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) – AC onspectus of Secular Graeco-Syriaca and Agenda
16:15-17:30. Gerhard Endress (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)- The Historical Progression of the Translations, a case study: The Arabic Translations of Aristotle's De Caelo

Saturday, April 26

Morning. Christian Graeco-Arabica
10:00-11:15. Andre Binggeli (CNRS - Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes) –Early Christian Graeco-Arabica
11:15-12:30. Alexander Treiger (Dalhousie University)  -Christian Graeco-Arabica: An Overview and Prolegomena to Future Research

Sunday, April 27

Morning. Graeco-Arabica in Intellectual History (Reception)
10:00-11:15. Sabine Schmidtke (Freie Universität Berlin and IAS, Princeton) and Reza Pourjavady (Freie Universität Berlin) - The Other Renaissance: Greek Philosophy under the Safavids (16th -18th centuries CE)
11:15-12:30. Peter E. Pormann (The University of Manchester) - Greek Thought, Modern Arabic Culture: Classical Receptions since the Nahḍa

Afternoon. Graeco-Arabica and Intellectual History (Method, Scope, and Import)
14:30-15:45. Kevin van Bladel (The Ohio State University) -Graeco-Arabic Studies, Late Antiquity, and Iranian Studies
15:45-16:45. Dimitri Gutas (Yale University) -Graeco-Arabic Studies: The Historical and Ideological Dimensions
17:00-18:00. Overview. General discussion and conclusion.

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