[MGSA-L] New Book on Greece 1936-1950

Alexander Kitroeff akitroef at haverford.edu
Mon Apr 14 07:10:33 PDT 2014

Nicholas X. Rizopoulos combines memory and history to create an
evocative eyewitness account of life in Athens during the turbulent
1936-1950 years.
"Civil and Uncivil Wars: Memories of a Greek Childhood, 1936 - 1950"
288pp. & photos, has just been published by TidePool Press
http://www.tidepoolpress.com .
Pre-war Greece, Axis occupied Athens, the "Dekemvriana", a birthday
luncheon with Nikos Kazantzakis and schooldays during the civil war
recreate daily life against the background of Greece's deepening Left
versus Right political rift.
For more information: http://www.tidepoolpress.com/book.php?bk=10

Alexander Kitroeff
Dept. of History - Haverford College

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