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The Annual Thomas E. Leontis and Anna P. Leontis Memorial Lecture in Modern Greek Studies

"The Future of the Past: Antiquity and Modern Greek Culture"

Dimitris Tziovas
(University of Birmingham)

[Image of Leonitis Lecture speaker]<https://classics.osu.edu/sites/classics.osu.edu/files/s200_dimitris.tziovas.jpg>
Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 3:00pm
Ohio Union Rosa M. Ailabouni Room
1739 North High Street, Columbus, OH

The Speaker

Dimitris Tziovas is Professor of Modern Greek Studies at the University of Birmingham (UK) and General Editor of a translation series of Modern Greek literature published by the university’s Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies. One of the foremost interpreters of modern Greek literature in the world, he has played an influential role in Greece as public intellectual and critic. Amongst his eighteen authored or edited books are: The Other Self: Selfhood and Society in Modern Greek Fiction (Lexington 2003; translated into Greek 2007) and the edited volumes Greek Modernism and Beyond (Rowman & Littlefield 1997), Greece and the Balkans: Identities, Perceptions and Cultural Encounters since the Enlightenment (Ashgate 2003),Greek Diaspora and Migration since 1700 (Ashgate 2009), Re-Imagining the Past: Antiquity and Modern Greek Culture (OUP 2014).

The Lecture

Antiquity has often been perceived as the source of Greece’s modern achievements as well as its frustrations.  Indeed, the continuity between ancient and modern Greek culture and the legacy of classical Greece still shape the way Greeks perceive themselves. The lecture challenges the dominant perspectives of the Greek past by shifting attention to the ways it has been constructed, performed, (ab)used, Hellenized, canonized and ultimately decolonized and re-imagined. Starting with the premise that the Greeks have customarily been seen as trapped by their past, it will explore debates in the reception of antiquity in Greece over the last few decades.  Specifically, it will identify transitions taking place from continuity to diversity, elite to popular receptions, texts to performances, traces to uses and eternal glory to critical history. This wide-ranging lecture will look into the areas of language, literature, cartoons, popular culture and monuments to offer new perspectives on the place of antiquity in the  creation of modern Greek culture.

The Lecture Series

The Thomas E. Leontis Lecture in Modern Greek Studies was established in 1987 by the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University with gifts from Dr. Thomas E. Leontis. In 1995, Anna P. Leontis made additional gifts in memory of her late husband to create the Thomas E. Leontis Endowment in Modern Greek. The purpose of the Endowment is two-fold: first, to serve as a catalyst in the Modern Greek Program at the University in generating a keener awareness of the importance of Greek history and culture, especially since 1204; and second, to bring annually to the Ohio State campus a distinguished speaker of international reputation who will contribute to the cultural growth of the University and the community by offering new ideas and historical and cultural interpretations of important past and current situations. In addition to the lectureship, the Endowment supports regular conference activities.

Georgios (Yiorgos) Anagnostou
Associate Professor
Modern Greek Program
Ohio State University

Research: http://classics.osu.edu/people/anagnostou
Blog: http://immigrations-ethnicities-racial.blogspot.com/
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