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*with apologies for cross posting*

This call for papers invites submissions from postgraduates or early career
researchers on topics relating to the subject of Food and Eating: from the
literal to the metaphorical, for the next edition of HARTS & Minds, an
online journal for students of the Humanities and Arts, which is due to be
published in Autumn 2014.

Our previous editions, 'Against the Grain', 'Space and Place' and 'Death and
Decay' can be found at www.harts-minds.co.uk and you can get updates at

All submissions should include a short biography at the end, adhere to the
guidelines available on our website and use the appropriate article

We accept:

- ARTICLES: An abstract (300 words) and draft article (around 6,000
- BOOK REVIEWS: Around 1,000 words on an academic text that deals with
the theme in some respect. This would preferably be interdisciplinary, but
we will accept reviews of subject specific texts.
- EXHIBITION REVIEWS: Around 1,000 words on any event along the lines
of an art exhibition, museum collection, academic event, conference etc that
deals with the theme in some respect.
- CREATIVE WRITING PIECES: Original poetry (up to 3 short or 1 long)
or short stories of up to 4,000 words related to the theme.

All submissions should be sent to editors at harts-minds.co.uk by 1st July 2014
for articles, and 31st August for Creative Writing and Reviews.

Suggested topics:

*       Eating words, digesting thoughts
*       Feasts, ceremonial/ritual foods
*       Music played at feasts
*       Indulgence and gluttony
*       Starvation and hunger
*       Food as Sensual and Sexual
*       Cannibalism, Vampirism
*       Philosophy of eating
*       Food as a weapon (poisons, throwing food in protest)
*       History of food
*       Food as healer/magical/transportative
*       Edible art
*       Food in art, literature, film, theatre, musicals
*       Urban vs rural foods/ Places of eating
*       Culture and Cuisine
*       Consuming food as metaphor

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