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 * Lecture on the Poetry of Cavafis*

As part of its Distinguished Guest Speaker Series, the Hellenic Canadian
Academics Association of Ontario present The End of an Era? Religious
Fanaticism and Fourth Century A.D. in the Poetry of C.P. Cavafis a lecture
by Dr. George Syrimis, Associate Chair, Hellenic Studies Program Yale
University. Seating is limited.

*When:* Tuesday April 15th, 6:30 pm

*Where:* Campbell Conference Facility, Munk School of Global Affairs,
University of Toronto,1 Devonshire Pl

*Further information:*

* Lecture on the Precarious Self in Greece of the Crises*

Dr. Neni Panourgiá from Columbia University and New School for Social
Research will be presenting a lecture entitled There is no end of mourning
here: Giving an Account of the Precarious Self in Greece of the Crises.

How does one give an account of one s own precarity? What sorts of
formulations are available, cultural and political contingents, which can
speak the unspeakable and name the unnamable? And what does this precarity
look like on the ground? The unrest of global youth over the past two years
has been accused of having no direction, no leadership, no objectives, no
plan, no structure. But is that really so? Or is it that the new global
youth has actually found a way of both giving an account of itself and of
demanding accountability by means that are resolutely new and untried? If
destruction and destruction are the only identifiable positions today what
can they tell us about the position of the youth as the epicenter of
precarity? I am looking at different ways in which young people in Greece
are attempting to own and disown precarity: in music, in alternate forms of
exchange, in reanimations of gifting, in claiming commons, in reorganizing
public spaces.

*When:* Wednesday, April 30th, 3 pm

*Where:* Vari Hall 1152A, York University, 198 York Blvd

*Further information:* georgop at yorku.ca

June Samaras
(For Books about Greece)
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June Samaras
2020 Old Station Rd
Canada L5M 2V1
Tel : 905-542-1877
E-mail : june.samaras at gmail.com
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