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I would also like to express my full agreement with George Syrimis.
We are well beyond the point in which academics were supposed to operate solely within their ivory tower. Especially in times like this.
Since academia and the public sphere are more and more intertwined (I personally come from a discipline in which "public history" is becoming increasingly influential),
I believe that rigid differentiations of what is scholarly and what is not are not just artificial, but are definitely not beneficial to the "field", which suffers from enough introspection as it is.
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Kostis Kornetis
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On Mar 31, 2013, at 9:34 PM, Loring Danforth wrote:

> I would like to express my full agreement with George Syrimis and his
> opinion that a serious discussion of the crisis in Cyprus is fully
> within the scope of this list. I welcome the summaries and
> commentaries that informed people on the list offer about the Olympics
> in Greece, the economic crisis in Greece, Greeks in Istanbul, the
> Macedonian question, the rise of Golden Dawn, Greek diaspora issues,
> etc. I would hate to see the list become solely a bulletin board for
> talks and conferences.
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On Mar 28, 2013, at 3:35 PM, Vassilios Lambropoulos wrote:

> Regarding the absence of a discussion of Cyprus from the list
> it may be worth reminding ourselves that this is the list
> of the Modern Greek Studies Association.
> It is a wonderful and unique list reserved for matters of Modern Greek *Studies,*
> that is, matters of Modern Greek as a *field:*
> announcements of scholarly events and course offerings, of conferences and new publications.
> We circulate bibliographic or filmic inquiries, scholarly inquiries and in general share info on research matters.
> The list is meant to facilitate research and advance the field *academically.*
> Most of the time we do not discuss issues, and I for one am very grateful for that.
> There are many fora for those interested in Greek issues of all kind, and they do a great job.
> Ours is the only list that strictly serves the field of Modern Greek Studies precisely as a field.
> Vassilis Lambropoulos 
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