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Dear Lyssi, George and the rest of the list members,

Although I am not the most active member of this list, I would like to
account for my silence regarding the Cyprus predicament: in the last five
years many of us have become more cynical. At least I have. I can't find
anything new to say. It's not that I have no words, but I feel that all the
words have already been said. As the crisis hits one after the other the
states of the European periphery, we have perpetually failed to recognise
it as a systemic crisis of financial or casino capitalism. We talked a lot
about the developments in Greece but there was little connection to the
global and European contexts of crisis and austerity. We did not look at
the other 'lazy' PIIGS as part of the same problem. Now it's Cyprus and
next are Slovenia and Italy (again). Since we didn't speak out for the
Spaniards, the Italians, the Portuguese and the rest, why should we speak
out about the Cypriots? Was anyone surprised when Cyprus went down? I,
personally, was not. Not because I am smarter than the rest, but because
the recent history has taught me to expect anything and everything. I
apologise for being bitter, but I said it from the very beginning: when
nothing makes sense and we all act as if it does, my only response can be a
cynical one. What can we say really. I guess, there is no more time for
words. We either do something or stop talking. And since I am doing nothing
I will withdraw to my silence.

Apologies if my cynicism offends anyone or I am being unfair to members.

On Mar 26, 2013 10:09 PM, "Lyssi Athanasiou" <lyssi_a at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Dear list members,
> I have been a member of this list for a couple of years now and have
> witnessed debates and heated discussions on issues that were insignificant
> and irrelevant to the majority of its members.   Sometimes what seemed
> insignificant sparked debates and promoted discussions that went on for
> days, if not weeks.
> I am writing with great disappointment, however because you have abstained
> from bringing up any of the tragic events that have been unraveling in
> Cyprus the last ten days.  Is this scenario so straightforward to all of us
> that merits no discussion, no VOICE essentially?
> Speak, say something, make connections, throw blame on all sides, it
> doesn't matter.... Anything but this SILENCE would DO!
> Lissi Athanasiou Krikelis
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