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Dear Lissi, if I may,

Your surprise and shock are well taken and should give us pause for thought if not on the pressing issue of the Cypriot bailout/in at least on the use and purpose of the list itself. For my part, when it came to the digital outlets I went to Facebook to get the feel of the situation in Cyprus, to exchange ideas and discuss developments. No doubt that says something about me and my personal choices for information but it probably also says something about the list as well. Has it reached its limits? Has it fulfilled its purpose for the years that it has been in use? Is it time we moved to or complemented it with new social media? Or perhaps we don't quite regard Cyprus as that important to modern Greek studies or, even worse, for once there was a silent consensus that what was going on in Cyprus was beyond words. We know it's not.


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Dear list members,

I have been a member of this list for a couple of years now and have witnessed debates and heated discussions on issues that were insignificant and irrelevant to the majority of its members.   Sometimes what seemed insignificant sparked debates and promoted discussions that went on for days, if not weeks.

I am writing with great disappointment, however because you have abstained from bringing up any of the tragic events that have been unraveling in Cyprus the last ten days.  Is this scenario so straightforward to all of us that merits no discussion, no VOICE essentially?

Speak, say something, make connections, throw blame on all sides, it doesn't matter.... Anything but this SILENCE would DO!

Lissi Athanasiou Krikelis
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