[MGSA-L] Call for papers: Macedonia 2013: 100 Years After the Treaty of Bucharest

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I should like to add a cautionary note about this announcement by calling attention to the

The above-referenced conference is organized and sponsored by the United Macedonian 
Diaspora (UMD), a political organization engaged in activism and lobbying activities on behalf
of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYROM) as well as in promoting and fronting the 
agendas of one of its major funders, the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) [SEE FOOTNOTE 1].
For all intents and purposes, UMD is engaged in a virulent multilateral campaign against Greece.

The sponsorship of this conference by UMD raises legitimate concerns as to the actual veracity
of scholarship and freedom of academic discourse (devoid of political expediency). As such, the 
scholarly merits of this conference are open to question and should be viewed with circumspection.

Judging by the title of one of the sessions of the conference titled "Departures within a nation: 
the Yugoslav experience vis à vis fates of those in remaining Macedonian territories," it is 
apparent that the organizers promulgate entrenched notions of "unredeemed Macedonian territories". 
This (implicitly irredentist) language, is in keeping with the official narrative of the fYROM, which is 
based on an highly controversial ethnocentric doctrine claiming the entire geographic Macedonian
region of modern times as part of that nation’s “tatkovina” (fatherland).


[1] "In honor of the 100th anniversary of the First Balkan War and the 60th anniversary of
Turkey’s NATO membership, TCA, in collaboration with the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD),
aimed to educate participating [senior United States Congressional] staffers on the importance
of continued and strengthened strategic partnership between Turkey, the United States, and
Macedonia. Turkey and the United States continue to be the two most ardent supporters of 
Macedonia's aspirations to join NATO."

-- See letter to President Barack Obama (copied to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton), dated
March 23, 2010, signed by TCA's president G. Lincoln McCurdy, in which the Greek Struggle for Independence was portrayed as "one of the world's worst tragedies".
Also, see "TCA Issue Paper-71" titled "Greek Independence Day: The Cost to Ottoman Turks". 


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I would like to alert members of the MGSA to a call for papers for a
conference entitled:  Macedonia 2013: 100 Years After the Treaty of

For more information please see:

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