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"Self Fashioning and Greek Revivals:
The Case of Eva Palmer Sikelianos"
by Artemis Leontis
Thursday, March 28, 2013
at 3:00 p.m. OSU campus
The Lecture
Delphi, the Greek site made famous by the Pythia who delivered oracles in antiquity, is also the biographical location of Eva Palmer Sikelianos (1874-1952), a cosmopolitan American visionary who sought to revitalize the modern spirit by animating ancient ruins.  Palmer is best known for her revival of Aeschylus’s Prometheus Bound in the ancient theatre of Delphi in 1927 in the first major festival of Greek drama and games directed by a woman. But the Greek revivals of Palmer, who is buried at Delphi a few hundred yards from the theatre, extended beyond the stage. For most of her adult life, Palmer made it her daily practice to animate Greek ruins in every dimension of her being. “Self Fashioning and Greek Revivals” draws on extensive archival research on Palmer’s bodily entanglements with ancient ruins to consider how lives may be studied as sites of classical reception.
The Speaker
Artemis Leontis is Associate Professor of Modern Greek and Coordinator of the Greek program in the Department of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan.  She received her Ph.D. from the Ohio State University. Her work covers a range of intellectual and creative registers and studies variants of western Hellenism as they map themselves on the territory of Greece. Her first book, Topographies of Hellenism: Mapping the Homeland (1995, Greek translation in 1998), was listed as an outstanding academic book of 1992-1997 by Choice magazine.  Greece; A Travelers' Literary Companion (1997) introduces readers to the landscapes of Greece through the perspectives of 24 translated Greek authors.  With Lauren Talalay and Keith Taylor, she coedited “What these Ithakas mean…”  Readings in Cavafy (2002), a companion to the exhibit “Cavafy’s World” at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. The TLS selected it “Book of the Year” for 2002.  Culture and Customs of Greece (2009), her most recent publication, is a comprehensive presentation of Greek cultural practices and products for a broad educated audience.   She is completing a cultural biography of Eva Palmer Sikelianos, for which she was awarded a Michigan University Fellowship at the Institute for the Humanities in 2011-12.

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