[MGSA-L] Any Ethnographies on Immigration in Greece?

Saffo Papantonopoulou papas949 at newschool.edu
Sat Mar 9 18:09:41 PST 2013

Dear All,

Pardon me. I am a lowly grad student who is somewhat new to the field of
Modern Greek Studies. But I was wondering if anybody could recommend any
texts— particularly ethnographies, since I am an anthropologist— on
immigration in Greece.

I'll also just put it out there, a few things I am interested in, and
seeing how they connect to immigration:

- historical memory (how does the historical memory of the Ottoman empire,
population transfers, and conflict with Turkey, impact the way Muslim
immigrants are radicalized in Greece? or does it?)
- gender, sexuality (particularly queer and trans experiences of migration)
- golden dawn and the rise of neofascism
- the category of Greek Muslim (and questions of who is allowed to claim
that), how different Muslim communities in Greece relate to or are pitted
against each other (I recently saw a video where a right-wing British woman
attempted to argue that Muslims in western Thrace are more "deserving" than
African and Asian Muslim migrants in Athens, for ex)
- also I am curious how climate change and climate migration (I don't know
but there are millions and millions of climate refugees in the world, and
that number will only increase, and as Greece is currently the most popular
entry point into the EU, as more people are displaced by the effects of
carbon emissions in the north Atlantic, more and more people will be
arriving in Greece)

I'm not necessarily just looking for texts that cover all of these things
(I doubt there is anything or if there were then I'd probably have to find
a different dissertation topic, lol!) but if anybody has any suggestions
about directions to go, it would be much appreciated.

I know the policy is not to flood the listserv with back-and-forth
conversations so please feel free to just send me a direct email if you
have any suggestions.

Thank you very much!

~Saffo Papantonopoulou
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