[MGSA-L] On the revival of Julius Evola's racialist thought and regimented storm-trooper squads

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Dear List members,
It is a matter of conscience and civic duty for all Greeks, both in the (ailing) metropolis
and the diaspora, to engage in a critical non-partisan discourse challenging the 
mounting propaganda campaign launched by an insidious movement that embraces 
extreme racism and promotes hate mongering. I submit that apart from perverting 
traditional Greek values and culture, the only "gap" that the aspiring self-described
Hellenic Nationalists can fill-in in "Greece's secondary education cycle," is that of 
indoctrination of young people to the core ideological tenets of racialist thought as 
exemplified by the radical traditionalist philosophy of Julius Evola (whose thoughts on
race were officially adopted as policy by Mussolini’s Fascist Party in 1942)[1]. 

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Indeed, we are witnessing the real-time transformation of impressionable, 

disillusioned, and vulnerable young people into highly regimented storm-trooper 
squads (in the Sturmabteilung tradition). 


The Greek society and time-honored Greek institutions, including the Church, 
cannot remain idle in the face of this unfolding crisis. In particular, the Church 
must adhere to its principled positions of moral theology and take an active
stance by denouncing, in no uncertain terms, such morbid nationalist, occultist-
racialist manifestations as being fundamentally anti-Christian and antithetical
to the Greek Orthodox experience [2].  

And, lastly, since this is academic list, may I remind all concerned Philip Zimbardo's

Stanford Prison Experiment and its direct relevance the problem at hand.

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Philadelphia, PA


[1] Julius Evola galore in the Hellenic nationalist movement's website:

See excerpts from Evola's article "l mistero dell'artide preistorica -- Thule," published
in Corriere Padano on January 13, 1934. An exaltation of occultist thought. 

An assortment of Julius Evola's essays, translated in Greek, is in the ("best seller")
list of books featured in the nationalist movement's electronic bookstore. 
[2] Archbishop Damaskenos of Athens and All Greece (March 23, 1943): 
"Our Holy Faith recognises no distinction, superiority or inferiority, based on 
race or religion, holding as doctrine that 'There is neither Jew nor Greek' 
(Galatians 3:28), condemning therefore any tendency to create any discrimination
or racial or religious distinction."

Archbishop Theokletos of Athens (1959):  "I declare to the entire world that 
anti-Semitic acts, wherever they may take place, are an anti-Christian act, an
anti-social act and prove the existence of barbarism, inferiority, and inhumanity."



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