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Call For Papers--MLA


January 9-14,
2014, Chicago, IL

Deadline: March 15

Email abstract
of 250 words to lissi.krikelis at gmail.com


refers to fiction that dramatizes its own construction, proffering a
tautological affirmation of its artificiality, blatantly exposing its
fictionality. Although metafiction is a relatively new addition in literary
dictionaries, nowadays it evokes oldness and datedness. The most astute studies
on metafiction, (Hutcheon, Waugh, Imhof,), have dealt with novels from the
sixties to the eighties, but very limited recent theoretical discourse exists
that supplements and expands on them. With the exception of a handful of
narrative theorists (Wolf, Fludernik, Nunning), metafiction's theoretical
backdrop has remained static. This panel initiates a re-examination of
metafiction under the light of its most recent manifestations. As long as
metafiction continues to proliferate, its theoretical infrastructure must
develop along with it.  This panel
invites proposals that challenge some of the arguments that have become trite
in metafictional discussions and seeks papers that demonstrate a continuation
or a break from earlier postmodern practices. 


Possible topics/approaches include:


under the light of recent developments in cognitive theory, affect theory, unnatural narratives

second wave of metafiction and “post-millennium” literature



in other genres: T.V. studies, film studies, plastic art, children's picture CFP MLA 2014: Metafiction Revisitedbooks

and change of metafictional tropes, such as:



            embedded narrative structures (novel-within-a-novel,
narrative-within-a-narrative) infinite


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