[MGSA-L] Three Generations of Greek Workers

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> http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-greek-catastrophe-economic-progress-built-on-rotten-foundations/5325030
> The Greek Catastrophe: "Economic Progress" Built on Rotten Political Foundations
> Three Generations of Greek Workers
> By Prof. James Petras
> Global Research, March 03, 2013


This interesting article and the generation gaps it alludes to makes
me think of the graffiti I saw this morning (near the Trigonion Tower,
during my morning walk along the Byzantine Wall of Thessaloniki):

Aνταρτέψαμε μέσα στη βουβαμάρα σας
Οι αφρονήμεφτοι δε ζούμε τη κατάρα σας

We rebelled amidst your muteness
We the imprudent do not live your curse

[Orthography preserved, translation questioned]


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