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CfA: Olympia Summer Academy
Dear colleagues,
The 2013 Olympia Summer Academy actively seeks to recruit promising graduate and research students from around the world, who can benefit from a series of intensive seminars on various aspects of conflict, peace, and IR in today's world, taught by professors at the cutting edge of academic research internationally. Situated at the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia, the Academy has been fostering, since the summer of 2002, a world-class network of knowledge that today spreads from Japan in the east to the Americas in the west and includes some of the most respected universities globally. Interested Ph.D. and other graduate students are strongly encouraged to apply.
For more information on the available programs, fees, financial aid and how to apply please visit:
With Kind regards
Andreas Gofas
Marie Curie Fellow, Politics Dept., University of Sheffield
Assistant Professor of International Relations, Panteion University of Athens
E-mail: a.gofas at ymail.com
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The Olympia Summer Academy (OSA).
OSA is an annual international graduate summer program in peace and conflict studies that brings together every year a highly diverse and talented group of graduate students, professionals, and professors from more than 30 countries from around the world. Indeed in 2012, we have had ninety (90) students from 35 countries. The OSA has been running since the summer of 2002 and during the course of these years, the program has acquired a stellar reputation. This reputation reflects both on its high academic standards, but also on its distinct identity that blends effectively the rigorous scholarly exchange with the friendly atmosphere, thus providing participants with the opportunity of a multicultural and holistic academic experience. We are, thus, particularly proud for:
the collaborations that we have established with internationally leading academic institutions, such as Yale University and the University of St. Andrews, UK.
having established a hub of research excellence, which provides opportunities for the creation and consolidation of scholarly networks of cooperation.
the multicultural and geographically diverse group of talented students that OSA brings together every year.
our alumni most of whom have continued with their academic career as professors at various universities all over the world.
In a few words, our summer academy is among the best of its kind worldwide, while being a powerful cultural networking tool that attracts academics from overseas and propagates Greek history and culture in other parts of the world. It also demonstrates, on a small scale, Greece ’s potential if its educational system worked differently. Indeed, in today’s Greece, initiatives such as the OSA are a shining light on the path to quality, excellence, reform and extrovertedness.
For more information, please visit our web-site at

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