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I have a photo of Greek graffiti that reads: "Our grandfather were refugees, our parents migrants, we racists?"

Let us all stay vigilant of shifting semantics and fates. The refugees who flooded main-land Greece at the time were not exactly welcomed by the local population as national brothers.  And yes, there was ethnic cleansing in Cyprus in 1974—I know from personal experience—but I also know that my own village was ethnically cleansed in 1964 when the Turks were expelled. I used to play in those abandoned and looted houses as child oblivious to the fate of its former inhabitants.  And since history has a way of repeating itself in uncanny ways, after we—the Greeks—left in 1974, the Turkish Cypriots co-villagers returned and took home in our abandoned houses. I did not read all these in any history books.


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One doesn't have to invent something, in order to support it. Νow, allow us not to comment that someone takes an image caption (which explains a certain frame), and puts it in the text of another book, as the only fact that took place. What an irony, a book for the grandsons and granddaughters of those who "overcrowded" that waterfront.

Besides, even a "tangential (hyperborean) academic", should know that in Smyrna there was genocide, not "στριμωξίδι".


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Just for the historical record.

The "akatanomasti" lady did not invent "her version" (sic) when writing of  the "crowded Smyrna quay" (sic). She was quoting what is written in p. 94 (1992, second edition 2002) of Richard Clogg's Concise history of Greece ( Cambridge UP), image 31 (with the famous photo). And I quote the caption:
"Refugees crowded on the waterfront at Smyrna on 13 September 1922…"

Now it's interesting that no fuzz had been made either in 1992 or 2002 about this book (or I have missed something). Why? We were probably too occupied with the "akatanomasti" republic at the time or the "akatanomastes" identity cards or some other "akatanomasti" conspiracy against our magnificent nation.

Tristes tropiques!
Tassos Anastassiadis
" tangential" (hyperborean) academic

Le 1 mars 2013 à 05:14, Aristide Caratzas a écrit :

> We would like to thank June Samaras for posting the Turkish Hürriyet Daily News article on the educational activities of the Golden Dawn party in Greece.
> I would like to note the heavy-handed irony in this, when "progressive" Greek-speaking individuals, with tangential academic degrees have left a gap in the secondary education cycle, some of which is being filled by this marginal right wing group.
> One example of many is the lady, who with degrees in French Literature and one that passes as "historiography," effectively denied the genocide of the Greeks and other Christians of Asia Minor. In her version of the sixth-grade "history" text, the Greeks "crowded the Smyrna quay," whether to  go on vacation, it was after all August-September 1922, or to escape extermination in not clarified . . . Thankfully, and for the record, this version of "history" ultimately was  rejected.
> One final note on Hürriyet: it is presently an informative, relatively objective publication. There was a time however, around July-August 1974, as the invasion and ethnic cleansing in Cyprus were unfolding, when Hürriyet ran on its front page a poem which gloated about killing Greeks . . .
> Aristide Caratzas
> On Feb 28, 2013, at 10:24 PM, June Samaras wrote:
>> Greek far-right party teaches history to kids
>> ATHENS, Greece - The Associated Press
>> http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/greek-far-right-party-teaches-history-to-kids.aspx?pageID=238&nID=42031&NewsCatID=351
>> Leader of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party Nikolaos Mihaloliakos
>> delivers a speech during a gathering in Athens February 2, 2013.
>> REUTERS/Yorgos Karahalis
>> Greece’s extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party has defended its
>> decision to give Greek history lessons to primary school children at
>> one of its offices.
>> The government and mainstream parties have condemned the practice by
>> Golden Dawn, which rejects the neo-Nazi label but is fond of Nazi
>> literature and references. It also has often been accused of attacks
>> on immigrants.
>> The lessons began last week with children whose parents accepted an
>> invitation at a party office in a small town near Athens. But the
>> party said in a statement Wednesday that it will continue "national
>> awakening" courses for its "little friends."
>> The education ministry said no party has the right to "manipulate"
>> children. The main opposition radical leftist Syriza party accused
>> Golden Dawn of "brainwashing little tots with Nazi propaganda."
>> February/28/2013
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