[MGSA-L] aerial photos of Greece

Syrimis, George george.syrimis at yale.edu
Fri Mar 1 10:17:57 PST 2013

If anyone can direct Colin Donahue to any available archives please
contact him directly.


On 2/28/13 9:49 PM, "Colin Donihue" <colin.donihue at yale.edu> wrote:

>Thanks George, 
>If you could email the listserv I'd really appreciate it. I've been
>looking through the British IS website - they do have a lot of archived
>material - but I haven't found any aerial photos I might use for a
>vegetation survey. Ideally, I'm looking for aerial photographs of the
>Cyclades and Crete from anytime in the first half of the 20th century.
>Any leads would be a huge help.
>Thank you for your help!

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