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Dear All,

Attached please find a list of MGS courses for Spring 2013.  Please feel free to forward this message to people who might be interested in taking our courses.

Spring 2013 Courses
MGS 151 : Modern Greek I

Continuation of first smester Modern Greek.  Prerequisites: MGS 150 or equivalent. [4 units].

Ismini Ioannou
Mondays & Wednesdays, 2:10-3:50 pm
HUM 301

MGS 152 : Modern Greek Conversation

Emphasizing aural-oral skills, provides practical contexts for conversational modern Greek derived from instructional videos, literary texts, and newspapers.  Prerequisites: MGS/GRE 150 or equivalent. [2 units]

Ismini Ioannou
Tuesdays, 5:10-6:50 pm
HUM 277

ENG 398/MGS 397: Greek American Literature

A survey of the major Greek American authors, poets, and filmmakers of the 20th century, including Helen Papanikolas, Harry Mark Petrakis, Elia Kazan, and Jeffrey Eugenides. Prerequisites: ENG 114 or equivalent. [3 units].
Professor Martha Klironomos
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:10-4:25 pm
HUM 286

MGS 470: Modern Greek IV

Continuation of third semester Modern Greek. Conversation, grammar, and composition writing. Reading and translating of representative literary and other texts. Prerequisites: MGS 365 or equivalent. [4 units]
Ismini Ioannou
Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:10-6:50 pm
HUM 129

MGS/CW 497: Modern Greek Literature

Introduction to Greece's major modernist and postmodernist writers. Writers to be studied include C.P. Cavafy, Nikos Kazantzakis, George Seferis, Odysseas Elytis, and Alki Zei.  Exploration of experimental writing techniques using 20th Century literature.  Prerequisites: ENG 214 or equivalent. [3 units]
Professor Martha Klironomos
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12:10-1:25 pm
HUM 129

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