[MGSA-L] AKTINA FM Today at 4:10pm with Neni Panourgia about the rise of Golden Dawn and the January 19 Antifascist Protest at the Greek Consulate NYC

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Two points relating to the message below:

• One questions how the announcement below is fitting for this list, as it is exclusively political in content for all its righteous indignation.

•  If it is a fitting announcement, then this indignation is quite selective: for a number of years in Greece (Left-)Fascist violence has been continuous, murderous and has been given cover by SYRIZA, the major opposition party. This violence has included the burning of bookstores (and the beating of their employees by unkempt, dirty thugs), bombings and arson (and subsequent destruction of some of the oldest buildings of the center of Athens), and of course the murder of three Marfin Bank employees, in a fire that was deliberately set. Which brings to mind Heinrich Heine's distich, "Where books are burned, there they also will burn people."

Aristide Caratzas

On Jan 12, 2013, at 8:07 PM, Despoina Lalaki wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> Today, January 12, please tune in AKTINA-FM at 4:10pm to listen to an
> interesting discussion with Neni Panourgia, an anthropologist who
> teaches at the Blinken Institute for European Studies at Columbia
> University.
> The discussion will focus on the rise of the Neo-Nazi party of Golden
> Dawn in Greece as well as in the diaspora and the protests planned in
> Europe and in the U.S. on January 19 in solidarity with the
> ATHENSANTIFA19JAN call for an International Day of Action against
> Fascism.
> http://www.aktina.org/live.html
> Best wishes,
> Despina Lalaki

Aristide D. Caratzas
acaratzas at gmail.com

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