[MGSA-L] Sacred Mystagogy: Winter Solstice (revival of a Nazi ritual during Christmas)

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The inference about "the other parliamentary party" deflects from the main issue 
at hand, which relates to the ideological underpinnings of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn).
These include occultist ideations, racialist narratives, ritualistic practices, and aesthetics 
akin to the those embraced in Nazi ideology. Effectively, these attributes place 
Chrysi Avgi in the realm of extreme right wing neo-Fascist/ neo-Nazi/ Aryan White
Supremacist ideologic tradition(s) -- refer to the links in my recent posting titled 
"Sacred Mystagogy: Winter Solstice (revival of a Nazi ritual during Christmas)."

A fascination with the Occult - Julius Evola galore 

Attention is drawn to a series of recent postings in Chrysi Avgi's official website 
paying tribute to the legacy of Julius Evola, the father of "radical Traditionalism" and 
“anti-egalitarian - postmodern thought” [2]. It is noteworthy that these vignettes make
their appearance with increasing frequency of late, almost on a daily basis:   



The latest posting in this regard features excerpts from Evola's article "l mistero
dell'artide preistorica -- Thule," published in Corriere Padano on January 13, 1934, 
and amounts to an exaltation of occultist thought. 


The fascination with Evola's ideas is particularly telling and attests to the movement's 
ideological framework and identity. In some respects, it follows the tradition of Giorgio
Almirante's neo-Fascist Party, Movimento Sociale Italiano (MSI) [3]. 

In all, the above considerations indicate that Golden Dawn's rejection of 
the neo-Nazi/neo-Fascist labels does not hold water.  

Infiltration of the Church

In the face of a deepening socio-economic crisis marked by high unemployment, 
severe austerity measures (including a harsh taxation system imposed by the same 
political parties that were responsible for Greece's sovereign crisis in the first place),
and an uncontrollable illegal immigration problem, there is little interest among the
people to decipher the ideological underpinnings of a "socially conscious," "Robin 
Hood type" populist nationalist movement.

Having seized this opportunity, Chrysi Avgi is relentlessly pursuing an indoctrination 
campaign targeting the socially vulnerable, disillusioned and impressionable youths. 
To that end, it employs old propaganda tactics winning legitimacy and gaining traction
across a growing constituency of desperate and unsuspecting citizens who experience
conditions of daily hardship. Furthermore, there are signs that the organization has
gained footing in the Church and among ordinary Christian Orthodox faithful. The last
paragraph in the URL below exemplifies the manner by which Golden Dawn's art of 
propaganda perverts scriptural verses and folk songs to promote a virulent and hate-
mongering political agenda.  

At the end of the day, Golden Dawn's core beliefs are inherently antithetical and 
incompatible with the tenets of the Christian Orthodox faith and traditional Greek 
values embodied in the inclusive spirit of Romiosyni, which transcends racial, tribal
or ethnolinguistic barriers. These legitimate concerns need to be critically addressed
in a public discourse focusing on the rise and long-term effects of this extreme 
nationalist movement on Greek society. 

Last but not least, this calls for a a strong and unambiguous denunciation statement
to be issued by the relevant Synodal Committees of the Church of Greece declaring
Golden Dawn's core ideology as being fundamentally anti-Christian. To that end,
courageous Metropolites and theology scholars have already taken a brave first step. 



[1] The link to Hellenic Neopaganist groups is relevant, albeit somewhat tangential,
in this case. There is a long history of extreme nationalist and racialist manifestations
and virulent anti-Semitism espoused by these obscure groups (often merging 
imperceptibly with neo-Nazi/neo-Fascist ideologies). 

The Απολλώνειο Φως (Appolonio Fos) publications is a case in point.

One of the published issues features the Parliamentary deputy "at large" candidate
for LA.O.S. (Laikós Orthódoxos Synagermós - People's Orthodox Rally) on its cover.

The subject has been previously appraised from different perspectives



[2] See articles on Julius Evola posted on websites of organizations
some of which are in the radar screen of the Southern Poverty Law Center. 


[3] See "Personalit del Neofascismo: Julius Evola, Giorgio Almirante, Sergio Ramelli, 
Francesco Storace, Daniela Santanch , Valerio Fioravanti"

Julius Evola's ideas were widely publicized in Ffwebmagazine, published by the Fondazione 
Farefuturo, run by Gianfranco Fini, Italy's former Foreign Minister under "Cavalieri" (Silvio 
Berlusconi). Fini is the leader of Italy's Future and Freedom Party and former leader of 
Alleanza Nazionale (National Alliance), Italy's major “post-fascist” political party (that has 
its roots in Giorgio Almirante's MSI-Destra Nationale).

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I am still unclear as to the the reference to the other parliamentary political party that Mr Grammenos is alluding to here. In fact, as G. Syrimis points out, I am quite confused at who is who in these links. 


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