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To David Sutton et al.:

Entries from the original CENSUS of Modern Greek Literature (1824-1987) (MGSA monograph 1990) and the ‘CENSUS in Modern Greek Literature’ Update (in preparation for publication as a second enlarged edition):
 5.786   Marios Hakkas. Heroes’ Shrine for Sale or The Elegant Toilet. Translated by Amy Mims. Athens: Kedros Publishers, 1997. 115 p.
ISBN 960-04-1333-9 pbk.; 9789600413335 pbk.
Contains: … “The French Bidet” (pp. 93-99); …
 5.788 [7.266] Marios Hakkas. “The Bidet”. Translated by Kay Cicellis. Shenandoah 27.1 (Fall 1975): 3-5 {3.32}. <Short story.> {3.34}

 Wim Bakker and Dia Philippides

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Subject: [MGSA-L] Marios Hakkas Story

Hi- I'm trying to track down the story by Hakkas "The Bidet" in an English translation which I want to use in my class.  I believe it was published in a literary journal in the 1970s, but have not been able to track it down. Also I was wondering if anyone knows if it was reprinted in the Kedros book of his?

Of course, if anyone has a pdf of this story, that would be great as well!

Thanks for any help on this.

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