[MGSA-L] Greece's former Fix Brewery will be transformed into the National Museum of Contemporary Art

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Greece's former Fix Brewery will be transformed into the National Museum of
Contemporary Art

Balkans.com Business News Correspondent - 26.12.2013

The extensive renovation of the former Fix brewery, in Greece, on the
junction of Kallirois Street and Syngrou Avenue in central Athens,
transforming the defunct factory into a new home for the National Museum of
Contemporary Art, has been granted a three-month extension for the
unveiling, now scheduled for February 20.

While this delay will give the contractors time to put the finishing
touches to the project, it will mean an even bigger delay for the opening
of the museum and also that the institution will not be able to feature as
prominently as had been hoped in the program of Greece’s six-month
presidency of the European Union.

Technically, the inauguration of the museum will still take place in the
spring, but it seems unlikely that the whole thing will come together in
time for the museum to begin operating before the summer.
The first glitch is that the museum is still awaiting a decision on a
request for 38 new employees to ensure the full operation of the
institution, a decision that is unlikely to be positive as the government
is under pressure to freeze all hirings. The second problem is that to open
at the new facility, the museum's management estimates it will need some 4
million euros in start-up money, another prerequisite that seems unlikely
to be attained.
Delays aside, thousands of Athenians breathed a huge sigh of relief when
the scaffolding and tarpaulin came down on the Syngrou side of the
emblematic building in late October (a lot of work remains to be done on
the Kallirois side), with its simple, elegant lines creating anticipation
for the full unveiling.

The architectural study of the 3SK firm that designed the renovation takes
diverse approaches. The style of the facades designed by Takis Zenetos on
the Syngrou Avenue and Frantzi Street sides has been largely maintained,
while the design for the third side, along Kallirois, is inspired by the
now-buried Ilissos River reports Kathimerini.

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