[MGSA-L] Labour: Greece; retirement age set to keep rising

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Labour: Greece; retirement age set to keep rising
27 DECEMBER, 10:05


(ANSAmed) – ATHENS, DECEMBER 27 - The retirement age by law in Greece will
rise to 68 years, but not before 2030, according to a European Commission
report assessing the economic and fiscal effects stemming from the
connection of retirement age and the benefits after retirement on the
increase in life expectancy. As daily Kathimerini reports, in 2011 in
Greece, which has been committed to adjusting its retirement age to life
expectancy, the average retirement age for men was 62 years and 5 months
and 62 years and 4 months for women. By 2030 this will have climbed to 63
years and 1 month for men and 62 years and 9 months for women, although by
law the retirement age will have been extended to 68 years. In 2060 the
legal age of retirement will be 70 years and 7 months. Since 2012 the
general age of retirement has grown to 67 years, and from 2021 it will be
adjusted on a three-year basis depending on life expectancy.

Projections show that, despite the changes, from 2011 to 2030, Greeks will
continue to spend at least a quarter of their adult lives as pensioners,
reaching up to a third for women.


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