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I'm sure many listmembers will be interested in this excellent facility. 






Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 18:47:45 -0600
From: helmadik at UCHICAGO.EDU
Subject: [DIGITALCLASSICIST] December update on Logeion site and app

Dear all, 

Logeion (http://logeion.uchicago.edu), our site for one-stop lookups in Greek and Latin dictionary and reference works, has been updated to include the Diccionario Griego-Español, a fantastic resource for Greek that deserves more attention from everybody outside Spain (find DGE on line at http://dge.cchs.csic.es/xdge). I hope that its inclusion among the Greek dictionaries we already offer at Logeion will bring DGE much-deserved increased exposure.In other news, the Latin-Dutch dictionary has been updated to reflect the forthcoming 6th edition, the formatting of LSJ is improved, and many short definitions have been added or edited.  
As for the iOS app, we are very close to an update (also to include DGE -and DuCange!), and yes, Android users, we have heard you loud and clear. Someone is working on your behalf...A final bit of news: You can now download our code, and a data sample, from github. We are working on making the documentation understandable to third parties. Your patience is appreciated.. I hope that sharing data and code will eventually allow different places to host Logeion instances geared to users whose first language is not English, mixing and matching resources in many more languages than we have now. And there must be css and javascript heroes out there who have suggestions for improving the site: we would be very grateful for your help!The refrain remains the same: I am grateful to all those who have made this resource possible by sharing their data, primarily the Perseus Project (and to Matt and the Joshes for their work on it here in Chicago!), and gratified by the response so far (the app could use a few more reviewers, especially outside the US..). If you have further dictionaries or code to share, do get in touch. Everyone else, we hope you enjoy the updates!


Helma Dik 
Department of Classics
University of Chicago

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