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Dear all,

The following email came to my attention. Perhaps the association can intervene in association with the Hellenic Studies Librarians.


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Subject: [Yulibl] FW: [MELANET-L] Turkish National Library sold books to a junk company

fyi- from the Consortium of Hellenic Studies Librarians.

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Subject: [MELANET-L] Turkish National Library sold books to a junk company
Dear Mela-netters,

For those of you fluent in Turkish, hereunder an article concerning the latest scandal at the Turkish National Library.


The library sold 147 tons of books to a junk company at a price of 7 to 25 cents a kg. Most of them were antiquarian titles and serial in Armenian, Greek and Karamanlica (Turkish using Greek alphabet). The reason is that the TNL does not have staff who can read Armenian, Greek, Hebrew, Judeospanish or Assyrian.

Rıfat Bali

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