[MGSA-L] Where young liberals are trained: Successful closing of the Liberal Seminars

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> Dr. Gerhardt was present at the graduation ceremony to personally 
> award the certificates to the students, expressing the high importance 
> of liberal education for the FNF program abroad. "The German nation 
> had to recover after a total catastrophe, and in the end it worked 
> out. The Greek nation has great potential, but it needs fresh ideas 
> and young people committed to change as well as to the principles of 
> freedom. I am sure that in the end it will work out as well", he added.

I find this particular paragraph to be of particular insidiousness, 
callous, and deeply disingenuous. Maybe someone should inform Dr. 
Gerhardt that Germany recovered on the money that it received from the 
Marshall Plan having herself created a world catastrophe of 
unprecedented proportions which is still having repercussions for 
millions of people. It is unconscionable that anyone, and a German in 
particular, would have that much compunction and callousness to make 
such a statement, as if he is dispensing a medicine that he himself has 
already taken. Shame would be the word, if, of course shame was a 
concept available to people like him.

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