[MGSA-L] Protecting Greece's Ottoman monuments

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>> Moreover, Greek authorities have given the green light for restoration
>> work on the Ottoman mausoleum (Tourbes) of the Muslim saint Musa Baba in
>> Thessaloniki's Terpsithea Square,
an interesting report on this monument; among other things, it is
interesting how the father of one of the individuals currently supporting
the mausoleum's restoration, a refugee from Asia Minor, had at some point
campaigned for its destruction!

[At the personal level: two-and-half years ago I came across the 'tiny
mosque' during one of my random walks through the Upper Town (Ano Poli),
but was never able to find it again (and was not sufficiently interested in
it to ask around); this summer, while riding minibus #22 with a friend for
fun, we came across the tourbes, by then already under restoration.]


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