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Does this book by an 11 year old qualify for consideration for Book Prize or presentation?

Young author writes easy-to-read, interesting travel and history guide of her top 50 places to visit in Athens
Tatiana Mandis offers fast, easy, interesting and accessible information for travelers in this full-color travel and history guide for Athens, Greece, called “Athens: Top 50 Places to Visit and Interesting Stories That Bring Them to Life”

(PR NewsChannel) / September 20, 2012 / NEW YORK

"Athens" by Tatiana Cassandra Mandis
Tatiana Mandis, an 11-year-old author, wants to give readers information in a way that helps them become more excited about visiting Athens and remember more about it with her book, “Athens: Top 50 Places to Visit and Interesting Stories That Bring Them to Life” (ISBN 1466441194).

The easy-to-read guidebook gives tips on what to see and re-tells interesting stories for travelers. Packed with full-color pictures and maps, the book provides useful information to any traveler, regardless of their travel style, background or age.

Mandis writes in a way that everyone interested in visiting Athens will understand and enjoy. In addition, she organizes different types of information into sections to make it faster and easier for the reader to find.

The idea for the book came about as a result of Mandis taking a trip to Athens with her family. Her parents asked her to research things she would like to do and see in Athens, and to explain why. After starting her research, Mandis became frustrated by being unable to find a book that was easy and fun to read, with interesting stories. Eventually, through hard work, she was able to gather and organize interesting information about the top places to visit in Athens. The research helped her get more excited about the trip and the stories helped bring the places to life. In the end, she had a lot of fun on the trip and remembered a lot more about the important places she saw. When she returned home, she decided to share her research and what she had learned, so everyone could benefit.

Mandis says that through her book, she wants her readers to enjoy learning about the historic city of Athens, at their own pace. She believes the places and their interesting stories should be the primary focus.

The book is well researched and Mandis presents Athens in an organized, fun way. She provides interesting information, such as how the roof of the Parthenon blew off, the meaning behind the traditional uniforms of the Evzone soldiers, the myth of the olive tree on the Acropolis and where Socrates used to hang out. In addition, she has a funny section titled “How to be an Athenian,” which helps any reader who dreams of blending in with the locals while visiting Athens!

“I hope that my book gives readers the freedom to spend as much or as little time as they want at the places they wish to visit,” Mandis says. “I hope it helps them remember the places, their history and significance by connecting interesting stories to the place.”

The young author hopes her readers will find their trips easier to navigate, more interesting and enjoyable.

“Athens: Top 50 Places to Visit and Interesting Stories That Bring Them to Life” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and through other book distribution channels.

About the Author: Tatiana Cassandra Mandis is a student at The Spence School in New York City. The 11-year-old author lives in Manhattan with her parents and sister.

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Tatiana Mandis 

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tcmbooks at me.com 


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