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Sponsored by the Center for the Ancient Mediterranean and the Heyman
Center for the Humanities






September 29^th , 2012

612 Schermerhorn Hall. All are welcome.

9:30-9:40: W.V. Harris (Columbia University), opening remarks.

There will be a 15-minute discussion period after each presentation.

Chair: Alice Kessler-Harris

9:40-10:10: Richard P. Saller (Stanford University), "The Young Moses
Finley and the Discipline of Economics".

10:25-10:55: Daniel Tompkins (Temple University), "Moses Finley at
Columbia, 1927-1947".

11:10-11:30: coffee break

11:30-12:00: Seth Schwartz (Columbia University), "Finkelstein the

12:15-12:45: Maurice Isserman (Hamilton College), "Ancient History:
Grappling with the History of American Communism in a Post-Left Era".

1:00-2:00: lunch break

Chair: Richard P. Saller

2:00-2:35: a filmed interview with Moses Finley, conducted by Keith
Hopkins, courtesy of the Institute for Historical Research, London.

2:35-3:05: Ellen Schrecker (Yeshiva University), "Moses Finley and the
Academic Red Scare".

3:20-3:50: Paul Cartledge (Cambridge University), "Finley's Democracy/
Democracy's Finley".

4:05-4:20: break for refreshments

4:20-4:50: W.V. Harris (Columbia University), "/Politics in the Ancient
World /and Politics".

5:05-5:35: Mohammad Nafissi (SOAS, University of London), "Moses Finley
and Athenian Democracy after the Collapse of the Soviet Union".

5:50-6:20: Alice Kessler-Harris (Columbia University), "Dilemmas of

6:35-7:45: reception.

Moses Finley was born May 20, 1912, in New York City, earned his MA and
PhD at Columbia, was fired by Rutgers University in 1952 for refusing to
answer political questions put to him by a congressional committee, and
became at Cambridge the most visible and arguably the most influential
ancient historian of the second half of the twentieth century. His
numerous books include /The World of Odysseus/, /The Ancient Economy/,
/Democracy Ancient and Modern/, /Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology/,
/Politics in the Ancient World/, and /Ancient History: Evidence and
Models/. Several American universities awarded him honorary degrees, but
Columbia refused to do so.

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