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FYI - For Immediate Release (pdf attached)



*ACRPS Announces New Branding and Web Site for Committee*


***(Miami Lakes, Florida, September 22, 2012)* – At the heels of
co-organizing a major international colloquy on the Parthenon Marbles held
in London June 2012, in a historic unified effort with campaigning
committees from the UK and Australia, The American Committee for the
Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures (ACRPS) is proud to announce the
official launch of its new branding of the Committee and its projects.

“Our members and site visitors will assuredly be overwhelmed with this
incredible work and contributions to our cause by Mr. Vaxevaneris, Ms.
Daniels and our sponsors. The Committee is grateful for the vision,
enthusiasm, sacrifice and resolve to complete this wonderful work of art,
and, of course, for the support of our Committee and the cause,” said *Michael
J. Reppas, Esq., President of ACRPS.*


The new logo was designed by ACRPS Board Member Konstantine Vaxevaneris of
Konstantine + Partners, who created a unique and timeless design consistent
with the mission and focus of the organization. For Konstantine, a 30 year
design veteran, it was a project very close to his heart. “Not only because
I sit on the Board of ACRPS, but because I am very deeply involved in
helping and giving to the cause for returning the Parthenon Sculptures to
Greece,” said Mr. Vaxevaneris.

 “My first thoughts were to think Hellenic but to develop non-cliché
Hellenic visuals while adding an American flair as well.” After many drafts
of stars and stripes, columns and stylistic Parthenon pediments, he decided
the logo should have a visual element linked to the “*ALL SIDES OF THE
PARTHENON” *logo, which he also designed for the Committee’s educational
touring photo exhibition.

>From the Greek “key” on the horse’s mane, to the typeface, the colors and
all the elements come together. The color black demonstrates positive
strength and character, “it communicates absolute clarity, creates a mental
protective barrier and creates a perception of weight and seriousness”;
blue for the psychological properties it communicates: duty, logic and
intelligence, and red, a powerful color of strength and energy.  All
combined, Vaxevaneris found that this color combination also added an
American subtlety to further capture the *American Committees* particular
involvement in this cause.

 “The powerful image of the horse’s night-long labor as the embodiment of
the struggle faced by Greece in its ongoing battle for the reunification of
the marbles is the soul of both logos,” Mr. Vaxevaneris explained.
Reinventing it for the new ACRPS logo, Vaxevaneris felt “the horse needed
space not bound by frames or borders,” a rather symbolic gesture to freedom
and choice representing the conscious effort to resolve the dilemma, which
is the goal of Committee’s cause.

The Committee’s newly redesigned web site was sponsored, in part, by the
Ted Argyroplos family of Baltimore, Maryland, and OkaytoPlay.org. It
features an easy navigation panel of information from latest news, press
releases, a historical look at the Committee’s work over the years in “What
We Do”, ways to donate to the cause, and features its groundbreaking
projects such as *ALL SIDES OF THE PARTHENON, and MISSING global awareness
campaign,* which is currently in development. The production of the
redesign was supervised by ACRPS Board Member Eleni Daniels and designed by
Orama Communications. Visitors to the site are urged to share the link on
their social media tools and join the reunification cause be becoming a
member of ACRPS. More information at

*This coming fall, the Committee anticipates the long-awaited publication
of Mr. Reppas’ historical account of the Parthenon Sculptures debate.
Published by e-Volve BOOK PUBLISHERS, the book is entitled, Why Don't We
Just Sue The British Museum?**,* will present readers with an opportunity
to be the judge deciding the case of whether the Parthenon Sculptures
should be returned to Greece. After reading this book, the Committee
believes there will be no more room for debate: the looted sculptures must
be returned!  Read it, experience it, and decide for yourself. *All
proceeds from the book sales will be donated to benefit the mission of
ACRPS. Books can be pre-purchased now via the ACRPS web site at a
discounted price.**  *

*About ACRPS*

Founded by international litigation attorney, Michael J. Reppas, ACRPS is
the leader of the American charge for the repatriation of the Parthenon
Sculptures to Greece. Mr. Reppas, a widely cited author and legal scholar,
has engaged in a near 15 year grassroots campaign involving domestic and
international lectures to advocate the cause.

ACRPS is a duly recognized IRS § 501(C)(3) NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization,
whose purpose is to educate the public on a local, state, national and
international level on the compelling need to protect, preserve and
repatriate looted cultural property to its country of origin – most
particularly to effect the return from London to Athens of the Parthenon

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DanielsMedia danielsmediaco at gmail.com,

or, Michael J. Reppas, II, Esq., President of ACRPS

305-822-8422, reppas at reppaslaw.com


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