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                                                            */Call for
                                                            Panels /*







*/Sponsored by the/**//*

*/ECPR Standing Group on Southern European Politics/*

The call for Panels for this Section is open until *5 October. *(The 
call for papers for accepted panels will open in December.) This call 
for panels is _open to all._ For information on how to submit a 
proposal, please see below.

_Section __Convenor__s__: ___

Susannah Verney, University of Athens - deplan at otenet.gr 
<mailto:deplan at otenet.gr>

Boyka Stefanova , University of Texas at San Antonio - 
Boyka.Stefanova at utsa.edu <mailto:Boyka.Stefanova at utsa.edu>

Maria Kousis, University of Crete - kousis at social.soc.uoc.gr 
<mailto:kousis at social.soc.uoc.gr>

_Section Description___

In recent years, Southern Europe has become a focus of international 
attention due to the impact of its travails on the eurozone and European 
governance. This proposal aims to turn the spotlight on the other side 
of the story, to the effects of the crisis on political processes within 
the region itself. Southern Europe’s vanguard role in the eurozone 
crisis and in the radical experiments in financial austerity and 
structural reform currently under way have turned the region into a 
laboratory of political change. The crisis and the strategies adopted to 
address it have unleashed processes of abrupt and rapid dislocation and 
transformation,redefining priorities, reshaping systems, redesigning 
policies, replacing actors and breaking down political affiliations.

The goal of the Section is to provide a forum for an overall assessment 
of ‘crisis politics’ in Southern Europe with their broader implications 
for European democracy. A non-exhaustive list of topics which might be 
addressed include the impact of ‘governance by Memorandum’ and the 
politics of austerity on political systems, political actors (e.g. 
labour unions, civil society), political economy (e.g. varieties of 
capitalism), policymaking processes, specific policy areas (e.g. welfare 
regimes, environmental and migration policies) and the consequences of 
crisis for political participation (e.g. the politics of protest and 
social mobilisation, party and party system change, public opinion and 
electoral behaviour).

The Section hopes to attract panels and papers encompassing a wide range 
of topics, theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches. In 
terms of geographical scope, the Section will accept country case 
studies of the six eurozone states (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, 
Cyprus and Malta)while intra-South European comparative studies will be 
particularly welcome. Such comparisons could potentially include Turkey, 
a state relatively unaffected by the international economic crisis.

_*Please note that the ECPR General Conference is _open to all_. You do 
not need to belong to an ECPR institution in order to submit a proposal 
or participate in the conference. You will need to sign up to “My ECPR” 
(it takes about two minutes!) Proposals are welcome from both members 
_and_ non-members of the Standing Group on Southern European Politics.

Proposals are submitted through the ECPR website.

/Panel proposal form:/



/Guidelines for panel chairs:/

(please go to "Stage 2" on page 3)

/To sign up for a "My ECPR" account:/


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