[MGSA-L] Crisis Pushes Greek Students to Bulgaria, Romania

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Crisis Pushes Greek Students to Bulgaria, Romania


By Marianna Tsatsou on September 16, 2012 In Economy, Education, News

In the past decades, especially in the 1980′s-90′s, many Greek
students chose foreign universities – mostly Romanian and Bulgarian –
to study for post-graduate degrees, and now the Greek economic crisis
is increasing their numbers, according to news247.gr.

The Greek newspaper Imerissia reported too that about eight of 10
Greek students having already enrolled in Czech and Slovakian
universities are now trying to be allowed to study in Romanian and
Bulgarian universities instead due to the low cost of living. Apart
from students of Greek descent, several other Europeans choose the
same countries to study to save money.

In 2008, when a worldwide recession began, young Greeks’ interest to
study in previously popular countries such as the UK, Italy, France,
Germany and the United States decreased significantly in contrast to
Balkan countries. There were 2,339 Greek students in universities in
Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 2011, compared
to only 1,315 in 2007.

The numbers are expected to jump sharply, to about 2,600, with Greece
in the fifth year of deep recession and 2 1/2-years into crushing
austerity measures that have seen big cuts in government spending,
including education.

The data shows that one of them has already graduated from a Greek
university and is now trying to get a second degree at some other
field. The most popular Universities in the Balkan countries for
Greeks offer graduate degrees in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy
(28%), while Pedagogy and Law schools come next (24%) followed by
Polytechnic (20%) and Economic schools (16%).

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