[MGSA-L] New Book Publication: State-Nationalisms in the Ottoman Empire, Greece and Turkey (1830-1945)

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For those of the members of the Modern Greek Studies Association mailing list who might be interested, the edited book was published by Routledge today:

Book Title: State-Nationalisms in the Ottoman Empire, Greece and Turkey: Orthodox and Muslims (1830-1945), edited by Benjamin C. Fortna, Stefanos Katsikas, Dimitris Kamouzis, Paraskevas Konortas

Table of Contents: 

Introduction: The Ottoman Empire and After Benjamin Fortna 

1. Elites and the Formation of National Identity: The Case of the Greek Orthodox Millet, Mid-19th Century to 1922 Dimitris Kamouzis 

2. Millet Legacies in a National Environment: Political Elites and Muslim Communities in Greece, 1830s-1923 Stefanos Katsikas 

3. Nationalist Infiltrations in Ottoman Thrace, ca. 1870-1912: The Case of the Kaza of Gumuljina Paris Konortas 

4. A Minority in a State of Flux: Greek Self-Administration and Educastion in Post-lausanne Istanbul, ca. 1923-1930 Dimitris Kamouzis 

5. The Politics of Turkey Towards the Ecumenical Patriarchate: The Single-Party Era (1923-1945) Elcin Macar 

6. A Minority in a State of Hostage?: The Muslims of Greece, 1923-1941 Stefanos Katsikas 7. The Ankara Agreement of 1930 and the Minorities: Reconciliation, Normalization or Instrumentalization? Samim Akgonul 

8. “Tax Me to the End of my Life!”: Anatomy of an Anti-Minority Tax Legislation, 1942-43 Ayhan Aktar 

Conclusion Paraskevas Konortas

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